Hi dreamers!

I recently left my job.

Now, let’s go back two years from now.

An engineering graduate just out of college, I was clueless about what I want to do in life. I took a month off to travel. Still, I was clueless. Soon enough I joined an NGO as a project coordinator & got an opportunity to work with international students. Thrilled by the cultural immersion out there, my life was getting sorted. But then I decided to explore more & joined a Media firm to hone my management skills. The path was getting clear, I was able to sense my love towards people & communications. I started applying for jobs; creative jobs particularly Startups where I’d get a chance to explore. I was clear about what I wanted now & thus I bid goodbye to my 4-year-old friend; Engineering.

I loved my work. I loved my colleagues. I loved the opportunities I got. I loved every bit of my job. And then, I left.

Again I was at the same spot, unsure about what I want to do further.

And today, after a lot of introspection, a lot of chilling in pajamas & weaving dreams out of my crazy aspirations; I am here.

I am here as Artist Fix. To fix a lot of things. Stay tuned 🙂


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