Only art can heal.


I have always been an art lover. Someone who is fascinated by colors, random doodles, sketches, poetry & musical notes. I adore art; more so artists.

I believe artists are a blessing. Not everyone has the power to brighten up your day or turn your frown upside down. Not everyone is blessed with the power to heal. But, artists are. They create magic out of their art; out of music, words, colors.

Today, everyone is busy running the money race. There’s just a bunch of people out there who are still stuck with their passion. I call them artists.

Artists, the wonderful beings who believed in their art, stood against the stereotypes, choose to follow their dreams & dared to pave their own path.

Not everyone understands art. I believe there is a dire need to appreciate it more often.

Thus, I am here with Artist Fix.

To fix the generation gap. To fix people’s perception towards art. To fix the flaws in the society when it comes to art.

Let’s all come together to dream & support & create art!


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