While in the final year of college, I made up my mind that engineering isn’t for me, I want to shift fields & not go for a 9-5 job.

Hence, I started exploring.

I wanted to get out of my comfort zone.

Hence, I took up a job at a creative startup. I got to learn things I didn’t even know existed, met new people, traveled to new places, worked 24*7, experimented, failed, tried again & most importantly got to know myself.

I didn’t mind working till late because I loved my work; I enjoyed working.

I got all the opportunities I always wanted.

All this while my parents wanted me to prepare for a government job or to study for masters.

But, I decided to rebel.

Rebel. Rebel to me means standing up for my dreams, for what I aspire to be. Rebel is to stand by what you believe in. Rebel is to stand against the stereotypes built by the society. Rebel is to break the barriers & follow your heart.

Today, I am here as Artist Fix; still learning to stand by my dreams. Still not sure about how it’s gonna work. Still struggling with my crazy aspirations.

But I am sure I’ll figure it out. Because all this while standing up for myself, I have learned to rebel. I have learned it’s worth fighting for your dreams & believing in yourself.

Trust me, each step forward feels like an achievement; like a battle won.






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