The Artist in you.


Everyone has a hobby. Some like to draw, some like to paint, some like to sing, some like to take photographs, some like to dance & so on.

For some, it’s just their hobby.

But for some it’s more than that, it’s their calling. They believe in it & are passionate about it.

They go on to follow their calling & take it up full-time.  Some make time out of their jobs.

And some just forget it & move on in their lives.

They forget about the artist in themselves.

The question is why? Why do we let go of the artist in ourselves?

Why do we kill our calling for the sake of a lucrative career?

I believe art stands above all.

We can all mug up things & pass an exam or an interview. But we can’t sing like the rockstar that we all follow. Or we can’t make that masterpiece the painter next door did.

Because art is a blessing.

The ones who follow their heart, go with the flow & let the artist in themselves shine, are a blessing.

They make mistakes. They struggle. They fail. They learn. They retry. But at the end of the day, they do what they love.

Don’t let the artist in you die.



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